Even if the industry is hard to get and you will think first at stories like:

  • Who are Microsoft cofounders: Bill Gates and Paul Allen
  • Who are Apple cofounders: Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak, Ronald Wayne
  • Who were paypal cofounders: Peter Thiel and Elon Musk

But not all are successful from the first shot.

So the best thing will be to get you covered and find a good fit for your co-founder position.

The bad guys - red

3-5% They are not necessarily bad people but in their business they are not working for their client interest. They produce and recommend tech stacks or milestones that are hard to maintain or are just bringing more hours on the bill. The ideal products should be easy to maintain without developer intervention.

The Crooks - evil - black

5-7% Also known as the guru's of every industry. They are mostly interested in tricking you to buy their product that are magically starting your business or skyrocket your sales. If their value proposition sounds like the offer of a Ponzi schema you spotted them: 20%, 50% or even 1000% guaranteed return on investment. They are sometimes legally executing their business although Ponzi schemas are mostly using a MLM structure.

The good guys - green

This is the smallest piece of the donut, having a share of 3-5%. They produce and create the best products, recommend you the right tools and tech stacks and give you a fair estimate. You will be able to go to investment or start sales right away. They also know what they are doing and how will that impact your business.

They already worked for startups and will be hard to find, hire or convince to work for you. They usually work for high fees on consulting and

The transitioning - blue

Around 5-10% of the total professionals are learning and desire to be better. They are transitioning from clueless to one of the above donut pieces. They are already in the market for several years, understand what are is good or bad, and, have some mentors that will guide them to one of the paths.

Don't go into the dark! Go into the light!

So this is the space where you can find a co-founder, CTO or a developer for your startup. They have some experience on building at least one project and a general understanding on how markets work. They already agreed to transition to expert mode and they will help you with the technical side of your project.

The clueless - grey

75%-80% of the people working in this industry operate under the influence of bad. This means that they are either employed by them or rewarded by them. They are good people and they think they are recommending viable stacks and milestones. They are good guys but they don't know what they are doing. They are merely promoting what guru's and bad guys are promoting and they don't even know this may be bad for the startups.

Stay away from gurus or mentors

If you can find some DYI and organise your startup until the first sale comes in you will be able to get things on the right track. You should be able to see if one person is a real mentor or just a guru. Don't jump too many steps before and pick a mentor that does 10million ARR. Just pick one that is doing 1M ARR first. If the mentors are not going to spend some time with you it's clearly a signal. Also if they have thousands of followers and sales through their consulting business it's hard to think that they will really spend their time with you.

Can you spot on which side of the donut is your co-founder?


  • Choose a vetted co-founder
  • Try to find his
  • Sign a good contract that covers both parties
  • Work together on a small project - up to 10 hours
  • Avoid gurus and the ones that give you 100% guarantee and suport