Not all days are easy and stress-free when working as a Developer.

In fact, you'll be busting your ass off most of the days as a Junior.

Today, I had to implement an AI algorithm that would get the Developers and Entrepreneurs from Skell and match them together automatically. As a Junior, of course I am not able to build Artificial Intelligence algorithms yet, so I had to clone one.

I went on GitHub and found TinderAutomation, an AI-based algorithm built with Python that does the swiping and messaging for you on Tinder. It did not have to be that complex but even trying to run it got me lots of errors.

First, I installed Python3 and the Python Extension for Visual Studio Code. Excited, I pressed the run button on the file only to be greeted with the first error message:

After a bit of googling, I quickly found a fix for this, adding import werkzeug werkzeug.cached_property = werkzeug.utils.cached_property before ‘import robobrowser’.

Thinking that I successfully passed this little test, I hit run again:

With the help of my old friend Google, I managed to also fix this quick enough by simply running install tensorflow==1.2.0 --ignore-installed in the terminal.

Third time's the charm they say:

The fix for this was easy, a simple pip install -U numpy in the terminal.

Thinking that I'm finally good to go, I hit run once again:


No big deal here, I managed to fix them as well only to run for the final time to see "404 Bad Request".

I suppose that some required URL's were not valid anymore and the bot would be blocked by Tinder anyways.

Even though I couldn't get this to work, I still managed to end the day with way more knowledge than I started it with.

But the day is not over, continue to read the story here.