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My name is Ștefan and this is my background:

I am very passionate about programming and in 2020 I took a radical decision, quitting formal education and switching to a full time Software Developer job. That was a really rough decision to make, especially when people around you pressure you not to.

I am currently learning programming by helping startups build their MVPs. The first MVP (Minimum Viable Product) that I built was a Bussiness Landing Page named Skell. This is a website that gathers Entrepreneurs and Developers with the purpose of working together. While building it, I have acquired a ton of knowledge.

This Landing Page was built on top of Nunjucks, a templating engine for JavaScript. In its development phase, I learned how to use yarn commands in the terminal, how to replace the text with actual variables, how to create a subscribe form using MailChimp, and also how to debug the code because that's the most crucial task.

I have ecountered several bugs that were compromising the quality of life of the product, for example:

• The subscribe button in the Newsletter section would redirect the user to the MailChimp page, making it seem unprofessional.

Still, I managed to fix it so it would redirect the user to a confirmation page within the website. Now it looks like this:

• Using the .webp format for images guaranteed performance but actually created a bug for iOS devices, images were not displaying anymore:

I had to change them to a more common format as .jpg:

Keeping the website's performance high isn't an easy job, but it's doable. I had to resize the pictures, change their format, minify the JS and CSS code. Esentially, I got from this:

To this:

I have done all this while working from home.

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